KN95 Rated CE Certified Respiratory Mask


Multi-layered and thicker than a traditional disposable surgical mask, KN95 masks fit securely around the face and provide maximum fluid resistance and filtration efficiency. If you are required to continue to interact closely and frequently with the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, this mask provides the best barrier to infection. GB (China) and CE (European Economic Area) certified.

Package of 10 masks ($4.25 ea mask). Maximum purchase is 10 packs (200 masks).  CALL FOR LARGER QUANTITIES 914-944-9038 x7001

NOTE: KN95 is China’s test standard for face masks and is similar to US N95 standard. Other global standards for similar masks are Korea’s KF94 and Europe’s (CE) FFP2. According to 3M Corp., a major US manufacturer of N95 masks, “It is reasonable to consider [all of these]…as ‘equivalent’ to US N95 for filtering…bioaerosols (e.g. viruses).”

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KN95 Rated CE Certified Respiratory Mask