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kN95 Rated CE Certified

Multi-layered and thicker than a traditional disposable surgical mask, KN95 masks fit securely around the face and provide maximum fluid resistance and filtration efficiency. If you are required to continue to interact closely and frequently with the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, this mask provides the best barrier to infection. GB (China) and CE (European Economic Area) certified.

Package of 10 masks.


Face Mask Protection

Surgical Mask

Effective for: The primary purpose of these masks is to protect other people from the wearer’s respiratory droplets. These masks also give some barrier protection against larger respiratory droplets from other people.

Limitations: Because there’s no facial seal, surgical masks don’t reliably filter enough smaller airborne particles to count as respiratory protection. One study found surgical masks can filter about 60 percent of smaller, inhaled particles. (By comparison, an N95 would filter 95 percent of these particles.)

CC-USA-FACE-MASK high quality face mask and personal covid 29 protection